Innovation Through Collaboration

TPD will provide you the opportunity to work on a multitude of different projects across a wide range of industries helping you to expand your creative knowledge.

Our talent pool is deep enough to provide our clients with the proper designer/developer that fits their vision and needs.  This allows us to encourage YOU to be creative…if your style does not fit a particular project or you would like to enhance your design experience beyond your daily creative direction, we’ll provide you with this opportunity. We work with people we are fond of, admire, and trust…helping us to  encourage teamwork and inspiration amongst our peers!

Innovation through Collaboration is our motto and we live by this concept.

Why Work With TPD?

Reliable and Professional. If you are a freelancer there is no doubt how much these 2 words mean to you. Need someone to “pick up the slack” on the 23rd hr of a 24 hr graphic design project…we’re here for you. Have 90% of a web project done and need the last painful IE7 tweak to your CSS…we love it, contact us. Just want to program…nothing more…ever…no faces, no photoshop, no phone calls…our specialty, just let us know. Simply put, we’re the missing piece that will allow you take on larger clients/projects and continue to focus on the aspects you love about your profession.

Our talent is vetted thoroughly to insure the creativity and reliability that is the cornerstone of our firm. We also provide a service for designers/developers by allowing you to team up with other talented & reliable workers whose expertise might be different than your own.

Working with us opens a lasting connection to a variety of agencies and studios consistently in demand for talented creative professionals.