Client Questions

How do I ask about a potential project?

Contact Us! We’re friendly (mostly) and would love to talk with you about your new endeavour. Feel free to use our contact form to send us your project information. This also goes for any developer/designers that may need assistance with a project!

How much does a website, logo, or brochure cost?

This is probably the question we get asked most and unfortunately there isn’t a concrete answer. It’s sort of like someone asking you ‘how much does a car cost?’ There are so many variables that it makes it impossible to state a flat cost. Most projects start with an hourly rate and are multiplied by the estimated number of hours expected to spend on that project.

Whether you send your project overseas at $6.00/hour or pay a high-priced consultant $500.00/hour, you’ll probably get what you paid for. Our rates are VERY competitive for the level of service we provide and our clients benefit by receiving a quality service at an affordable price.

How often are you (and your team) available?

We’re available 24/7. If there ever is a designated time that we may not be available…we will post via twitter and update the site!

Can I pay by credit card or Paypal?

Absolutely. TPD takes all major credit cards as well as paypal

I have a new venture, can you help me get started?

Absolutely! Feel free to use our contact form to send us your project information. Then we’ll help frame the project and provide you with a quote for out services!

I need something designed yesterday…can you help me?

I learned a long time ago to never say “No” to a client…the answer is always, “Yes, but…” Therefore, TPD can usually accommodate your rush job depending on the scope of the rush project but there will be an additional charge to put other projects on hold. This charge is usually billed at time and a half. Definitely contact us and we can go from there!

Talent Questions

As a Talent Member, can I pick which projects to work on?

Yes! This is one of the benefits of working with us. We will always present projects to you that fit your talent area however you can always choose to accept or decline.

Can you completely manage a project for me?

If you never want to speak to a client or just want some one to guide you through the steps to maintain your milestones/deadlines…we are available! Whether you want to take advantage of our intranet and file delivery systems or have us facilitate a online meeting or training. We can manage any project starting at any level.