When you have an idea for creating a presence on the web, we want our clients to think of TPD as a means in which to make that thought a reality.

Our company was founded on the notion of fostering relationships with small businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and clients that have very specific needs and a limited amount of resources to fulfill them.

The TALENTPOOL DESIGN creative team approaches each project with a customer-centric perspective. We work closely with our clients’ representatives to identify the target audience for the endeavor, all functional needs, constraints and dilemmas, and a true understanding of detailed business objectives in order to deliver a solution that will act as an innovative and efficient representation of our client’s initial vision.

From a digital signature to a multinational print campaign, we approach each project from a ‘big picture’ perspective and work through each detail (no matter how small) in a timely manner.

Here is a list of available services…

Both from our clients, and our talent, we see diverse requests that do not easily fall into the larger categories listed. If you have a need for an item not mentioned, let us know what you have in mind and we will accommodate!

Graphic Design

graphic identity (brand development, logo/trademark)

traditional print (brochures, advertisements, newsletters, catalogues, business cards, invitations, posters, menus, style guides, exhibit books, banners & standees, etc)

key art (film posters, pressbooks, packaging, etc)

visual arts (illustrations, original vector graphics, image manipulation, photo retouching)

Web/Application Development

web development (design and redesign, CMS integration, CSS Development)

multimedia (flash movement, online banners, video integration, video art/titles, presentations)

e-commerce (Payment Gateway, SSL, Shopping Cart Integration, Online Catalogues)

application development (php, sql, coldfusion, jQuery, repair existing apps or create new ones)

Business Consulting

strategic consulting (project management, RFP development, e-learning solutions, PR, copywriting)

eMarketing/SEO (meta tag refinement, analytics integration, content density, HTML emails, social media integration)