Mission Statement:  TPD’s mission is to help provide the business tools needed for the creative community  to learn and thrive. The innovation through collaboration model is essential to providing clients with the best possible results while nurturing our talent to perform above and beyond.

At TALENTPOOL DESIGN (TPD) we take a sincere interest in growing both our clients business and our talents portfolios. We view this as a symbiotic relationship that facilitates a successful creative community and sustains the intelligent businesses and individuals within.

Our pool of talent spans the creative spectrum from concept to completion.

For our Potential Talent: Whether it is working on the components of a project that you WANT to work on or providing a reliable team to help you take on larger projects, we invite you to work with us. TPD will provide you the opportunity to work on a multitude of different projects across a wide range of industries helping you to expand your creative knowledge. Innovation through Collaboration is our motto and we live by this concept.

For our Potential Clients: TPD provides a low cost, high quality, and reliable alternative to the “business as usual” practices of some larger firms. When you have a business idea of any magnitude, we want you to think of TalentPool as a means in which to make that thought a reality. From graphic design & application development to SEO marketing & next generation technologies, we approach each project from a ‘big picture’ perspective and work through each detail (no matter how small) in a timely manner. We welcome the opportunity to show you firsthand just how creative and dynamic the TPD staff can be.

Future Growth

TPD is looking forward in 2014 to expand our talent pool by opening a central office in Downtown Los Angeles dedicated towards the training of interested individuals in graphic design, web/application development, & business practices.

For more information or to help contribute towards this endeavour, please contact us today!